Saturday, July 5, 2008

you're home!

I've been loved by many people. perhaps i became nothing to them, not even a memory, they wouldn't recordate me... but i do remember them, i remember them each one of them, all their mouths all their little kisses stamped in my body, my little salty body. I remember the way they looked at me, so cicuta, so nice, sometimes sweetly but never ever without that lust that i so much adore.

I've been loved by so many men. that i do not remember them, i remember each one of them lying onto me. all over me. looking at me. and then i remember me, myself, looking other way... not to fall in love. not to remember them. just to remember their voices inside my chest, in between my legs... coming up from my already up, leg. I remember them. I remember their fingers inside me, some of them clumsy some of them wise and then magic. I remember then thir tonges inside my mouth, and their lips on my lips and then their theet... and i remember being loved and heated... and i how much i loved them and i didn't show.

i record... all the memories come to my mind like a breeze. all of them get back to me, like when you open your eyes and you can hardly distinguish the place you are in... and then you see and then you get scared... and finally you recognize: you're home.


Anonymous said...


No, I'm not home...


Ma. Candela said...

Faraway so Close!